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Collagen Colway benefits

Biologicaly active Colway collagen gels are exceptionally effective cosmetics. List of it's benefits, both according to skin care or even health, is very long (see here) and... incomplete. It simply cannot be, becouse collagen as a protein is a material that every single of our tissues are build from, therefore benefits of Natural Collagen we can observe literally everywhere in our body. Not only on a skin, that may be commonly associate with. We have chosen in this article what we believe the most important benefits of Natural Collagen or Native Collagen on our health and beauty.

Collagen for wrinkles

The causes of wrinkles

Kolagen Natywny na zmarszczkiWrinkles are a symptom of unevitable skin ageing process (and paralelly whole body), however not the only one. Though indeed wrinkles used to appear as a first symptom, but soon after it follow general loss of skin properties and appearance - its' carnation, elasticity, hydration and lubrication.

Process of skin wrinkling is quite complicated, but it is known for a long time, that its' the most important cause is loss of collagen. All other causes are more or less secondary. That process starts when we are 27-30 years old and its' pace is a loss of about 1% collagen a year (wherein during womans' menopause that pace dramatically increaces). The problem is not only a decrease of the collagen production but also its' maintanance. The special gel that keeps collagen fibres elastic and in good condition slowly but inevitably starts to fade away, resulting in weakening of fibres. What is more collagen fibres not only are more and more sparce but also they tend to group in fibre bundles. It results in appearance of bigger and bigger "wholes" in a collagen-elastin fibre network. That is how our skin looses its' elasticity and firmness, collapses and wrinkles. That process increases while we age.
Beside loss of collagen we observe also gradual atrophy of sebaceous and sweat glands resulting in weakaning of the natural hydro-lipid protective coat and tendency to dryness. Simultaneously the skin pH changes to more acidic what causes its' lower resistance to microorganisms and environmental factors. Our blood vessels become more stiff, loose elasticity and start to break and thin. They gradually loose capacity to deliver nutrients and our skin starts to "starve". That only deepen our wrinkles.
Fortunatelly those processes we are able to effectivly delay, thanks to proper skin care and stimulation.

How Native Collagen and Natural Collagen help?
Native Collagen or Natural Collagen very effectively stimulate fibroblasts to more intensive production of corporeal collagen and also they provide important amino acids, that are used as a building material of our skin. That is how, totally naturally, our skin regenerates. We also recommend phenomenal and the number one amog nutricosmetics and collagen diet supplements Colvita. This is lyophilized Natural Collagen that perfectly nourishes skin from inside. We recommend also Colway cosmetic lines that are designed to work synergically with Colway collagen gels. This it the way to perfectly care and nourish skin from inside and outside.
Read more about methods of collagen application.

Notice! Collagen gels are far more effective prophylactically than correctiv. Wrinkle is a deep wound in a skin and its' "correction" firstly, takes time, and secondly there is no 100% percent that just with external treatment, even with so fantastic product like Colway collagen, we will be able to get rid of it. Yes, Collagen will shallow it very effectively (especially when combined with other cosmetics). To make it clear, when wrinkles appears it is very difficult to fight with it just with external aplication. We want to emphesize that becouse some people expect wonders.
Prevention is a key. The best time to start seriously take care of our collagen is about 30 years of age, when our body starts to gradually slow collagen production. Systematic application of Natural or Native Collagen Colway very effectively delay wrinkles formation even for decades!!! Its' preventive properties are just amazing.

What else can You do to delay wrinkles?
"Pro-collagen" diet, physical activity and regular, healthy life style are among the most important factors. No smoking (it dries out a skin and seriously impairs collagen synthesis - that's why You can easily recognise smoker, don't you?). Avoid excessive sunbathing, both natural and in solarium. Protect Your skin from frost and strong wind. It is worth to use large sun glasses with UV filters that will protect fragile skin around eyes.
Face massages also helps. Sleep is real salvation for complexion - the more sleep the better (if it is possible). It is also worth to use tender bedding and sleep on back. Furthermore, very important, mimic expression, when excessive, unfortunatelly deepens mimic wrinkles.

Collagen Colway and cellulite

What is cellulite?
Collagen against celluliteCellulite - also called as "orange peel skin" - is a real nightmare of many woman. It is not - as it is commonly believed - only a problem of obese woman, but also those thin ones. Cellulite it is misaligned fat tissue with accompanying tumid changes, fibrosis of connective tissue and degeneration of surrounding tissues. Most often it appears on thighs, buttocks, breasts, arms or hips with visible folds and thickenings on a skin. It is not just estetic imperfection. It is classified as medical issue, due to parallel pain, inflammations and degeneration of skin. Furthermore it is assumed to be civilational problem, becouse - according to some researchers - it affects even 95% of woman after adolescence in urbanized societies.

Every single human being has got constant and unchanging amount of fatty celles (called adipocytes). Normally they don't proliferate, just get bigger or shrink. That is how we get obese or lose weight. In case of cellulite we are dealing with disorder of fatty cells functioning, to be more presize: abnormal growth and proliferation resulting in often painfull skin thickening. Bulging and multiplying fatty cells cause pressure on surrounding tissues and blood vessels disturbing blood circulation, nutrients delievery to cells and receipt of toxins from them. Toxins start to accumulate in those abnormal fatty cells resulting in its' hardening and colour changing. It is accompanied with swellings and inflammations, that after being fight over by our body they take the form of unsightly and hard in touch fibrosis of skin connective tissue. This problem is even more severe when condition of connective tissue, especially weak and cracking collagen fibers, give in to the pressure from swelling fatty cells. It is not an coincidence that that people suffering from cellulite struggles also with stretch marks. In places of collagen loss the fat starts to grow.

Causes of cellulite
One of the most - if not the most - cause of cellulite is disorder of femele estrogen hormone secretion. Estrogen is responsible for shaping woman sex characteristics of a body and settlement of fatty cells in particular places of body (that is why cellulite is common among woman, not among man). Unfortunatelly high level of estrogen has got also negative impact on blood vessels. It increases its' permeability resulting in mantioned above patological and painfull swellings due to increased leaking of blood physiological liquids into intercellular matrix, excessive fat accumulation and toxins accumulations in fatty cells. It is not an coincidence that maturing girls and woman undergoing menopause suffer from cellulite, becouse we all know about hormon and estrogen "storm" in those periods of life. It is not without significance use of hormonal contraceptives or Hormone Replacement Therapy.
Additionally some people have genetic predisposition to become obese and excessive fat accumulation in fatty cells, regardless to amount of food intake.
Let's make it clear. The most important is life style, becouse cellulite "epidemic" occurs in urbanized societies. It is common to find there one or more habits that promote cellulite apearance, like:
- unpropper diet, with deficiency of fibres, rich in fats and simple sugars, salt, preservatives, aftifacial coloring, hormons, etc.
- lack of move and sitting life style,
- overuse of sauna or hot baths,
- stimulants like alcohol or nicotine,
- life in constant stress and in constant hurry, lack of rest and sleep, depressions,
- hormonal contraceptives and Hormone Replacement Therapies,
- tight cloths and too high heels.

Collagen Colway and stretch marks

What are stretch marks ?
Kolagen na rozstepyStretch marks are red/violet or white strindly strands the appear transversal to directions of skin stretch. They are formed on the level of the dermis due to physical tear apart of weakened collagen fibers network of a skin. Whereas healthy and strong fibres ave extremely durable and extremely stretch resistant - extensibility is it primary characteristic (therefore it is clear symptom of bad condition of collagen and connective tissue). Appearance of stretch marks is often a result of overactive hormones secretion, especially 2 of them: cortison (hormon of stress) and estrogen. They cause impairment of fibroblasts functions therefore synthesized new fibres are weak, brittle and vulnerable for tearing apart. Additionally a poor diet and genetic predesposition are pointed out as a reason of stretch marks.

Who is prone to stretch marks?
There is few groups of people at risk. There is no distinction of sex here, though it is most often associaten with pregnant woman, due to excessive skin stretch by growing child.
There are few group especially prone to stretch marks:
- obese people,
- pregnant woman,
- woman during menopause,
- young girls during maturing,
- people with genetic predesposition,
- people taking steroid drugs,
- people with weight fluctuations,
- people under low-callory diet,
- sportsmans (especially bodybuilders).

How to deal with stretch marks?
It is very important to know that fresh stretch marks, still being red/pink/violet, may be successfully eliminated. When they become white it is to late. The only thing we can do is to is try to sooth it or to even its' colour (or have them surgically removed).
When your stretch marks are still fresh from numerous creams, preparations and ointments we recommend Native Collagen DNA (or Natural Collagen Silver) alongside with Rejuvenating face cream. This is one of the most powerfull combination you can find on the market.
Native Collagen stimulates our skin to overproduction of collagen what result in lightening of stretch marks but most importent it rebuilds teared apart collagen fibers. If the application is started early enough there is high chance to eliminate them totally. We want to also aware You (dear customer) that unlike Collagen gels from Colway on a market there are hundreds of products with "collagen" claiming that it is good for skin. Be sure that this is collagen hydrolisate (a sort of geletin) that is just an moisturizer and hasn't got any impact on skin regeneration. It is just waste of you money and - the most important - chance to eliminate the problem, before it is to late.
Phenomenal Rejuvenating face cream contains Thymosin β4, amasing enzyme that has unbelievable regeneration power, capable to eliminate even scars from heart after stroke (what has been, till very recently, believed to be impossible!). This is also so insanely expensive componant that virtually available only for millionaires. Colway cream is affordable for everyone and benefits of application are just wonderful.
We also consider as indispensable supplementation with Colvita + Vitamin C-olway (or alternativelly Vitamin C-olway with collagen). In case of stratch marks the supplementation is essential becouse it very effectively nourish skin from inside, stimulate fibroblasts and effectively help to regenerate teared apart skin and prevent from formation of new stretch marks. This is the best prevention against the problem you can provide to your skin.

Notice! Every collagen supplementation we MUST support with vitamin C - it is essential during collagen synthesis. Without it there in no collagen production! (extreme evidence of that truth is scurvy, disease cause by chronic lack of vitamin C, leading to death of corporeal collagen in our body; it is very, very important).

Beautiful and strong hair

Piekne wlosy z ColwayEvery single woman would like to have beautiful, shiny, strong and dense hair. No wonder why - hair are a showcase of every elegant woman. Lot of us devote to it much of the time and attantion. Many of us succeed with that effort but unfortunatelly to lot of us hair bring real troubles, despite of spend money, energy and effort.

Hair are dead. There is only a root alive, that is well vascularized and produces hair stem in a pace of about 1cm a month. That's why, to have strong hair, we should revitalized hair roots and provide them all necessary building materials. Hair are build mostly from keratin. Therefore we need to eat food rich in sulfur, iron, zynk, calcium, magnesium, vitamins of B group and unsaturated fatty acids (for hair the best is omega-7). Furthermore it is worth to remember, that proper hair condition and structure affect also additional factors like:
- unproperly chosen hair care products (including those quite expensive and from reliable companies),
- too often hair dying,
- drying with too hot air blow,
- to much stress, often related with too fast life style,
- excessive sunbaths (including solarium),
- general bad heath condition,
- unproper and unballanced diet.
All above exert negative impact on hair condition and appearance. This is not just a case of shampoo and conditioner but also other factors related to life style.

Natural Collagen for hair
Natural Collagen Graphite, Hair thickening shampoo and Hair thickening conditioner are a great offer for hair revitalization, best when combined with Colvita and Vitamin C-olway supplements. They regenerate and strenghten them, resulting in improving condition and appearance of hair themselves.
We reccommend to use 2 capsules of Colvita and at least 1 capsule of Vitamin C-olway a day. Thickening hair shampoo use as normal shampoo, see below. Natural Collagen Graphite applied on scalp and hair may be used as conditioner, mask or rinse - for more details read here. Natural Collagen Graphite acts as hair foam - will make them more flexible and will help to preserve the hair fashion we would like. What is important, hair don't look like being dirty at all, becouse collagen penetrates deep into the hair, stiffening them at the same time.

Hair loss
Specially for hair loss we have in offer excellent Hair thickening shampoo and Hair thickening conditioner based on bioactive form of diosmin. This is the only one shampoo and conditioner on the world using that phenomenal component. It is very effective. Diosmin penetrates scalp and causes permanent (not temporary) impact on blood vessels that starts to thighten and relax for up to 48 hours after application (washing). That increases blood circulation and much better hair root supply in nutrients. Better blood supply equals stronger hair.
The shampoo and the conditioner are so effective that just after few applications your combe will be almost clear. These are phenomenal products. After a while, you will experience real growth and hair thickening.
Hair thickening shampoo is also very effective for man, struggling with hair loss dur to testosterone derivative (dihydrotestosterone) that kills hair roots causing androgenic alopecia. The shampoo is reach in substances that neutralize this hormone (e.g. 5α-reductase) very effectively protecting hair from one side and from other side nourishing with greater blood supply resulting in strenghtening and regrowing hair!

Very important in hair care is being systematic. The optimal is a daily treatment giving us great results even before a month time, unlike the unsystematic care that will bring some, but not spectacular effects you could expect.

Well cared-for hands and nails

Kolagen Naturalny na piekne dlonie i paznokcieHands and nails are as important showcase of elegant woman as her face and as soon as the latter, the aging processes unevitably appear on them too. The skin of hands is very delicate and we should take care of it, like of our face - should be an obvious thing. Unfortunatelly many of woman seems to forget about it. Do not give them adequate care and protection against cold, wind, pollution, detergents and other harmful factors in home, workplace or street. As an effect we can see on them signs of "overstrain", like redness, discoloration, chapped skin, roughness or even cracks. The same story applies to nails that become mat, discoloured and brittle.
Meanwhile thanks to Natural Collagen Graphite, care for hands and nails is very simple and effective - it does real wonders for them. We think that it is worth to quote one of the member of Natural Collagen production team: "Fish collagen is a wonderful cosmetic. How wonderful will understand the one, who has seen hands of already mature woman working for two years at washing sieves and containers after collagen hydration. That are not hands of an old woman, that are hands of a model". Wouldn't it be wonderful to have such a beautiful hands? With Natural Collagen it is achievable for each of us.

Natural Collagen for hands and nails
Application of Natural Collagen Graphite is very easy. Just wash your hand and on yet wet skin apply collagen, optionally massaging it into a skin. Do not dry! When skin gets dry itself, apply moisturising cream. We recommend phenomenal Hand cream, that excellently moisturizes but, what is important, is being absorbed almost immediately and don't leave unpleasent greasy layer on a skin, what many creams do. That particular cream is a real "must be" for many our customer, that loves it so much, that keep it on hand all the time, quite often even few tubes left in most often attended places (like kitchen, bedroom or even car). Effects of that treatment come very quickly. You skin will become smoothened, deeply moisturized and will look healthy. Your hand will meet your dreams of them.

For nails, for instance, we apply any amount of collagen on top of a nail. We don't wash it out, if we haven't got time to wait fot it to dry, just put layer of nail polish on top of it. Effects will also be spectacular, becouse collagen is able to deal with almost all sorts of nail problems. They become strong, shiny, healthy and resistant for breaking.


Kolagen Natywny Pure na oparzeniaBurns in most cases are termal damages of epidermis, darmis and - depands on degree of a burn - also subcutaneour tissue or even bones. Burns are caused not only by tempreture (heat or frost) but also by electricity or chemical substances like acids. Even excessive tanning on the sun may causeburns, maybe not that sever like fire but still damages a dermis, causing pain and premature ageing.

After every kind of burn our skin starts to regenerate. It needs building material, mainly amino acids needed in collagen synthesis, becouse it is main protein (around 70%) that skin in build of. Therefore we can observe just amazingly fast egzamples of regeneration after Natural Collagen Platinum or Native Collagen Pure topic applications or oral intake of Colvita. Due to regeneration burnt skin has much higher demands for collagen than normal skin. It is able to absorb huge amont of collagen gel in very short period of time, while healthy skin absorbs it just a litte. That is how our skin is able to obtain neccesary sources for regeneration, that may happen very fast. With light burns and some cases of second degree burns thanks to Colway Collagen skin is able to regenerate itself without any signs or scar. All serious and deeper burns should be absolutely diagnosed and treated by a medical doctor.

Collagen Colway for burns
Everyone is able to experience Natural or Native Collagen on his/her skin, especially in summer while sunbathing. Burning sensation stops after just couple of applications. For tanning we recommend especially Native Collagen DNA (that have the highest regenerative and anti-oxidising properties, besides You can safely take it on a beach) or cheaper Natural Collagen Silver. It is especially recommended to use Colway collagen gels after excessive tanning, becouse of real storm of free radicals that damage (literally fry) our skin. Without proper care and protection it ages much faster. With collagen gels from Colway your skin is safe on a sun and in solarium.

We have got unpublished pictures of just amazing, very deep skin wound regenerations after collagen applications. Due to law restrictions we cannot publish them, becouse Colway collagen gels are registered as cosmetics not medicines.

Collagen for varicose veins

What are vericose veins?
Kolagen na zylakiVericose veins are serious symptom of cardiovascular system insufficiency. We mustn't belittle the problem, becouse its' burst may lead to death. The reason of varicose veins formation is increasing blood presure that cause a bulge of vains and appearance of characteristic multi-colour vein thickenings. A blood circulate slower in this places causing risk of blood clots formation. Varicose veins most often form on inside parts of legs, not that often also around stomach or rectum (hemorrhoids).

The main function of vains is to collect CO2 and metabolic wastes from all body towards heart. Our muscles even activity helps with blood circulation in veins by pressuring and pomping it forward. It is of course just support becouse veins has got its' own pressure but physical activity always helps with overall circulation. Veins have got special system of venous shunts that prevent blood from moving backwards. There is only one way in veins - towards heart. This is very efficient system that is disturbed by varicose veins formation. Due to thickening venous shants are unable to close and the blood is coming backwords causing cumulation of non-oxidized blood and increase of venous blood pressure and very high risk of dengerous blood clots formation. Without intervention the problem will increase resulting in even bigger health issues.

Who is exposed to formation of varicose veins :
- people working hard standing or being constantly in uncomfortable possition,
- people working sitting or without physical activity,
- smokers,
- obese people,
- pregnant woman,
- women during menopause (due to hormonal changes),
- people on some hormonal drugs,
- people with high blood pressure.

Collagen Colway for varicose veins:
To be honest vericose veins is an health issue that is difficult to heal. Despite this, when we understand the reason of their formation it becomes clear why we recommend Natural Collagen Graphite for topic application and Colvita with Vitamin C-olway (or alternatively only Vitamin C-olway with collagen). The above products act on causes not just effects of the problem. Researches revealed that people with varicose veins issue have less collagen fibres in veins walls than healthy people. Those veins are just too weak to withstand blood pressure and must have to be strenghtened. That is what above products do - they strenghten blood vessels by rebuilding collagen fibre structure in veins.

Every more serious symptoms like pain, swellings, inflamations we cannot belittle! It must be consulted with medical doctor, becouse its' burst may lead to death or other very serious health issues.

Let's remember that varicose veins issue is just a sympton of cardiovascular system insufficiency - not a cause! Therefore effective treatment must act on it - where the most important are weak collagen fibre network.
Prevention is also very important - activity that is helpfull in varicose veins problem:
- physical activity with frequent position changes,
- giving up smoking,
- balanced diet rich in fibres and vitamins (especially vitamin C),
- comfortable, loose clothing that don't disturb blood circulation,
- pour alternately vains with hot and cold water,
- avoiding of excessive sun tanning, heat, sauna and frequent hot bath.
- legs massaging.

Collagen for joint problems

Joint pains are most often believed to be a problem of older people. Unfortunatelly it is not quite correct, becouse that issue touches more and more often younger people that ought to have got healthy joints. Researches show that even 1 in 7 people visiting their doctor is complaining for joint pains. It becomes growing civilisational problem and is related to life style, diet and mobility changes of modern sociaties.

collagen for joints

We distinguish few types of joints: from simple once working in one direction (elbow) to multidirectional ones (hip, arm). Additionally there are ones that are able to bear whole body (knees) and those able to transmit micropulses (ear ossicles).
Joints' function is to connect moving bones. Due to its construction it is called synovial connection, becouse joints contain special liquid, that protect cartilages from attrition. Joints are build from bones on the end of which there is hyaline cartilage that is extremely resistant for abrasions during move. The middle of joint is filled up with with special protecting synovial fluid, like grease in mashines. All of it is enclosed in articular capsule. Around joints there are special glands producing synovial fluid and keeping it on proper level. The most important thing is to know that condition of corporeal collagen determines health and functioning of that amazingly precise biological machinery. Due to ageing and other factors collagen undergo gradual degradation resulting in deterioration in functioning or even joints pain due to arthritis or other types of its degeneration. Collagen is also responsible for proper condition of articular cartilages and its' lack causes that cartilages are getting more stiff and are exposed to crumbling, what is very painful.

Collagen for joints
Now it becomes more clear why collagen is so important for our joints good condition and health. This is the reason why vast majority of preparations for joints contains collagen. We want to recommend Natural Collagen Graphite for topical application and Colvita with Vitamin C-olway (or alternatively just Vitamin C-olway with collagen) as diet supplements for joints, becouse thats are the most effective products on the market. Collagen gel we recommend to apply twice a day on wet skin waiting till it will be resorpted. We should always remeber of diet rich in vitamin C, becouse it is essential during collagen synthesis. We recommend it for prevention for everyone who overloads the joints and for everyone who already suffers for joints problems and pains. The above products are very effective in joints protection and regeneration and it is real joy for us to receive feedback from clients, who were able to come back to sport after years of absence caused by joints pain. 

Collagen for acne

Causes of acne
Kolagen Natywny Gold na tradzikMain cause of acne is excessive secretion of sebum by sebaceous glands and keratosis of the glands mouths. It appears mostly on sebarrheic erea of a skin: face, neck, back and chest. It is common amon young girls and boy during maturing due to hormonal changes of their bodies. It is a problem of some poeple up to forties. Excessive sebum secretion very quickly leads to its' mouth obstruction. This is the way how 2 types of acne forms:
- measles,
- pimples.
Measles are noninflammatory form af acne and are characteristic, unattractive black dots on a skin. Pimples for instance are formed, when bacteria (for which sebum deposits are excellent medium) cause inflammations and characteristic reddening. Bacterias do not cause acne on their own, so it is impossible to be infected by them. They just use the opportunity that sebum deposit creates for them.

Acne treatment
The case of measles is quite simple. We just need to regularly cleanse our face with good quality cosmetic like Collagen washing gel  and regularly use good quality exfoliators, so we don't allow to obstruct glands mouths by excessive keratosis on our skin. We recommend fenomenal Enzymatic face exfoliator from Colway.
Treatment with those cosmetics will help in most cases of pimples as well.
On the market there are few types of antiacne agents. Some are cleansing agents, others are antibacterial agents, yet another reduce sebum secretion or keratosis. As we can see that it quite wide range of agents, that in most cases act just on effects not cause of acne.

Native Collagen Gold for acne
Native Collagen Gold is an excellent antiacne agent, that acts on cause of problem and on effects at the same time. It regulates sebum secretion and very effectively protects skin from bacteria containing 2 components of amazing antibacterial properties: lactoferrin and colloidal silver. The collagen also regulates skin pH and the acne problem in most cases - is solved! Effects are just amazing. Native Collagen Gold, we can safely say, that it was like specially created for acne and after-acne changes and scars.

Elixir of dr Slon for acne
The amazing Eliksir of dr Slon is an exceptionally effective spray for acne. This is brilliant combination of colloidal silver and active forms of oxigen, that has got amazingly strong antibacterial properties, being not toxic at all at the same time (it is totally safe). After spraying a skin, bacteria die very quickly and pimples dries up and starts to heal. It is very easy to use - just spray you face, wait a moment and it's done.

In some cases there are much more serious forms of acne, that don't subside any treatment. Those should be consulted with dermatologist.



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