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Colway International

Colway International is a modern dystribution network based on the newest technologies, designed specially for international markets to bare gigantic marketing potential of bioactive and temperature stable collagen gel Native Collagen. With this product we will conquer the world. Let's make it clear, dear Reader, this is already proven business and that kind of chance you will hardly meet in all your life.

Colway International differs from its' older sister with one, primary characteristic - it gives a chance to unlimited passive income, down to the very bottom of your structure. Other than Colway "classic" compansation plan, which allows to be paid up to 7 generations (than nothing! - in practice there are structures reaching over 50 generations!), Colway International compensation plan includes every single client and partner in the structure You have started, regardless of generations! It is exceptionally atractive feature, that we want strongly emphesize.

Specially for You we have prepared with Mary Joyce a presentation that will in easy way explain the most important aspects of Colway International Compensation plan:


In written form it is available here: Terms of cooperation .


Summarizing our great business offer - what benefits you gain when you start business with Colway International:

- possibility to reach attractive and stable income based on sale of phenomenal and unique products that contain the newest and most expencive components,
- ready and professional marketing tool: complete online shop with access to virtual office, where You will find support, knowledge base and other tools that will help you with builing you business,
- low invests at the beginning - products and delievery organises Colway International for You - You can focus on marketing and sale,
- exceptional and unique compensation plan, that allows members to gain unlimited income,
- initial discount of 40% after joining Colway International network as a Partner,
- Colway Education - training programs,
- business e-mail with your own or unique name,
- international business conferences,
- motivational car programme,
- pension scheme,
- Colway International SA Shareholder programme,
- for the best ones - seat on the Colway International Board of Directors.


We understand that there may appear some questions about our business offer. Feel free to contats us:

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Do You need any help? Do You have any question? Don't hesitate to contact us:

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