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How to apply Colway collagen?

Comprehensive instructions on how to apply collagen gels and other products are on the page: How to use collagen?

How to store collagen?

Nowadays we have in offer 3 types of Colway collagen gels: Natural Collagen, Native Collagen and Atelokolagen Colway. Each of them has different properties and storage requirements but what is in common for all of them is: keeping away from the sun - in practice in the bathroom with all other cosmetics and protect them from children.
Do not keep them in a fridge, there is no need for that and protect from freezing due to high risk of cracking of a bottle and wasting a gel, because of bacterial contamination resulting in loose of gels' properties.

Natural Collagen - this is the first generation collagen gel, unfortunately not resistant to temperature changes beyond a gap of  5o to 28oC. We have to protect the product from being frozen (due to risk of bottle cracking) and from high temperatures, causing breaking down of triple-helixes bonds and loss of its bioactive properties within 48 hours. It is enough to store it in other cosmetics in a bathroom.

Native Collagen - this is the second generation of Colway collagen gels, that is resistant to temperature in which we human normally exist. It doesn't lose its properties even after heating it to the temperature over 50oC. You are welcome to take it in your handbag on a beach, just remember to protect it from direct sun. When kept in handbag nothing will happen to it, except change consistency, that after a while will come back to normal. It doesn't affect its bioactive properties. You can now enjoy great skin protection and sunbathing at the same time.

Atelokolagen Colway - it's the newest Colway achievement - it's resistance to temperature is up to 39oC. Over that temperature, it unfortunately denatures and must be protected when temperatures are very high - in practice, we keep it in the bathroom with other cosmetics.

What is the difference between Natural Collagen, Native Collagen and Atelokolagen Colway?

At the beginning let us provide links to a wider description of those products: Natural Collagen, Native Collagen and Atelokolagen Colway. Main differences, comparing to Natural Collagen, are:
- resistance to temperatures: 28oC Natural Collagen, 39oC Atelokolagen Colway and over 50oC in case of Native Collagen
- pH improvement - it is adjusted to the average pH of human skin: pH 5,5,
- cleanliness improvement - Native Collagen and Atelokolagen Colway are free of melanin and protein and fatty residues,
- both are enriched invaluable active components because Native Collagen and Atelokolagen Colway are capable to bind and transport deep into the skin other substances, what significantly increases application benefits,
- price, that is related to quality.

What is the difference between Colway collagen and others available on a market?

There are 2 answers for this questions according to what type of collagen we are thinking of.

Firstly, Colway collagen gels are based on a unique method of production and have got bioactive properties. It is a Polish discovery, well protected and so far nowhere else on Earth there is produced collagen capable to penetrate skin protective barrier. The comparison of polish fish collagen with other collagen products shows up their different properties, method of production and the material that it is produced from.
Main difference is that Colway has got collagen hydrate, what is hydrated (binding water) collagen in its third stage of development: triple-helix (what on its own is a biotechnological sensation) or in case of second-generation collagen gels - Native Collagen, what is even greater sensation (virtually biochemical fiction), hydrated products of controlled collagen triple-helix breakdown products, selected oligopeptides that have no problems with penetrating our skin and nourishing the dermis.
For instance, the term "collagen" commonly means collagen hydrolyzate, what is the product of thermo-chemical processing of adult forms of collagen (fibres or less often fibrils). This product is often called "petite carrion" that never has, hasn't got and will never have got biological active properties. It is widely known, that its primary function is quite useful moisturising of the skin.

Secondary, in Poland few companies produce biologically active gels and try to compete with Colway. This is very small companies, riching barely few per cent of Colway sale and is still on the level of the first generation of collagen gels, comparable with (objectively always great product) Collagen Natural, while Colway has developed the outstanding second generation of collagen gels: Native Collagen and Atelokolagen Colway.

My beautician told me, that it is not valid, that collagen is capable to penetrate the skin.

Similar to the above question, the honest answer to that question is: Yes and No. All comes out from misunderstanding, unfortunately still quite common among professionals. We will try to explain the problem.

The misunderstanding is coming out from the books that have recently become inadequate about the collagen. They don't mention about the polish discovery of collagen hydrates. So the term "collagen" for professional means "collagen hydrolyzates" that have nothing common with hydrates (exempt word "collagen"). This is a different type of collagen and has got different, bioactive properties. Collagen hydrolyzates are very highly processed collagen fibres or fibrils and are called also "peptide carrion", which emphasizes it's total inability to have any bioactive properties. This is what professionals think of when they hear the word "collagen" and will say that it is impossible to penetrate the skin. And they have right because collagen hydrolyzates are unable to do so. It is used in cosmetology only as a moisturizer (to be honest quite good one) and nothing else.

For instance answer "No" means, that Colway collagen gels are different type of collagen, that is still a quite a new product and many professionals haven't heard about it yet. It is not even collagen triple-helix itself penetrating the skin, but products of it's breaking down. Free amino acids and micro-peptides that can penetrate the epidermis and rich deep layers of the dermis (so far, it is only one known natural protein capable to penetrate epidermis!). This is real cosmetological sensation but we also want to admit to some marketing simplification. It is easier to say "collagen Colway penetrates the skin" than explain the whole process of that penetration. We understand that it may cause objections and understandable scepticism of professionals. Furthermore, we want to emphasize that transdermal properties of Colway collagen gels break down products are scientifically proven without any doubt, for example proving significantly (about 30%) increase of collagen in the skin after regular collagen gel application.
Though scientific proves may be interesting for some people, we believe that the best prove of phenomenal properties of Colway collagen gels is a constantly growing group of hundreds of thousands now customers who without any advertisements (just after recommendation) became a real fan of that product, who doesn't imagine skincare without collagen anymore. Benefits of the application are phenomenal and let us treat an increasing number of collagen users as the best prove of it.

Why I haven't heard about it yet in media?

Very good question! We praise collagen gels so much, but you haven't seen so far a single advertisement (and most probably you will not) on TV, radio or magazines. So, why advertisements of such a phenomenal cosmetic do not bombard us from every corner and every possible media, while logically, they should?

All because of properties of Natural Collagen that make it like designed especially for direct sale, not for "standard distribution": factory -> warehouse ->shop/drugstore/beauty parlour -> client. All because of its temperature instability. Let's us know, that first gels (those over 20 years ago) were very unstable and risky in distribution and sale, due to the very narrow gap of its stability just between 5oC-15oC. There were attempts to sell the discovery to cosmetic concerns, but despite great test results, they have resigned. Why? The answer is a great economic risk for such a product regardless of its care properties. Just imagine, dear reader, how much money it must to invest in the system of distribution: special containers to transport, special packaging and fridges in the shop all over the world. Let's say the company is willing to invest. Client goes to the shop, buys the product, puts it in a car and - like ice cream - didn't even get back to home, when collagen is spoiled, because the temperature was about 25oC... The question now is, who's going to pay for the product? The client didn't use it, didn't open it and reasonably demands money back... We hope that with the above description we have pointed out why this product doesn't meet requirements to be distributed traditionally. This is the main reason why huge cosmetic corporations didn't want to invest in this product. The marketing campaign is very costly and only those corporations had enough funds to do it. There were some attempts to sell first collagen gels in shops without advertisement. It was a failure because no one knew what it was and didn't want to buy it.

Though huge cosmetic companies resigned from the product it didn't stop polish scientists from carrying on works on it. After improving its temperature stability to 5oC-28oC (still not matching market requirements) to prove that it was like developed for direct sale. The amazing Colway success is a shred of great evidence that this product proves it's quality itself. It needed just recommendation to be successfully sold to millions of customers without advertisement. Quality does not need advertisement - it needs a recommendation.

The truth is that You will not see or hear an advertisement on the radio, television or popular magazines... but what with the internet? This is a much different story because there is no need to have great funds and it is getting more and more loud about there.

I am very satisfied with collagen. How does it work on my skin?

This is true, that skin treatment with Colway collagen gels (especially supported with other Colway cosmetics) make a lot of our customers satisfied and happy. The skin becomes very well-nourished, well cared-of, moisturized and shining. It is easy to notice, especially when your colleagues ask what are you using, isn't it?

Well, after application Collagen triple-helix break down into even smaller peptides, that are easily capable to penetrate the epidermis. Structure of those peptides is very characteristic and - like words are build of characters creating a message - sequence of amino acids in collagen peptides is a biological message for our skin: "start to produce collagen". This is a very fascinating process. As a result, we observe an increase of collagen production in our skin and improvement of its general characteristics, like nutrition, firmness, glowing, moisture, regulation of sebum secretion, etc. Our skin starts to shine.
We want to emphasize that it is one of very few cosmetics that acts directly on the cause of skin ageing, not just on effects. The cause of ageing (not only the skin but all body) is gradually increasing loss of collagen due to slowing down of its production by our body. Therefore Natural Collagen or Native Collagen we call as "elixir of youth" because they stimulate our body to overproduce body collagen. This is directly anti-ageing property.

When should I start to use Natural or Native Collagen?

We may encounter some opinion and recommendations to start to use Natural or Native Collagen gels when on the skin have already appeared visible signs of ageing, mostly wrinkles. This is very questionable advice because Collagen is most effective as prevention and protection against wrinkles appearance then getting rid of them. Is has goy good impact on them, swelling them, but it is also, unfortunately too late to eliminate deep wrinkles just with it. A wrinkle is a very deep wound in skin and it is very difficult to heal it.
Therefore, we recommend the rule that says that prevention is cheaper than treatment and start to use Natural or Native Collagen when our body starts to slow its production. It is about 25-27 years old, which may be surprising for many, but will give you guarantee, that regular application of Colway gels will delay wrinkles for decades.

The collagen gels may be used earliest of course in different purposes like sunburns, other burns or acne, etc., regardless of age.

How long do I have to apply Collagen?

There is no specified time or limit - your body slows collagen production without limit and the stimulation depends on your personal choices. If you want to delay it, how much and how long for? Colway gels are not addictive, are in 100% from natural components, therefore are safe. There is no risk of harm (expect the situation when someone is allergic to any of the substances used in gels). The only result of ceasing its application is a gradual return of our skin to the point, where the application was started - like every other cosmetic. Without stimulation, protection and good nutrition, our skin will start to age faster.

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