Natural Collagen Colway

What is Natural Collagen?

It is unique on global scale bioactive collagen gel that contains hydrated, exceptionally fragile collagen on it's third development stage of triple-helix – our polish "youth elixir". This is one and only "alive" (in other words in form identical that the one existing in living organisms tissues) collagen, that in whole world hasn't got it's equivalent is obtained from freshwater fish skin. On a triple-helix level it is identical to human collagen what guarantees excellent compatibility and bioactivity. It is present on a market for a dozen or so years and due to it's fenomenal properties it conquers hearts of dozens of thousands satisfied clients.

How does Natural Collagen actually work?

Natural Collagen reaches the reason of ageing, not just it's effects. Our skin (and body in general) aging is related to decreasing level of collagen in it. Our "youth elixir" is transdermal. It nourishes skin very deeply and accelerate collagen production in it. As a result we experience real delay of skin aging processes. This is indeed fenomenal, becouse this is the only one known to science example that proteins are able to penetrate the protective skin layer. It is widly accepted that artificcialy synthesized peptides are able to do so. With Natural Collagen You can be sure that the product is in 100% natural, created by mother nature.

Types of Natural Collagen

Due to amount of pigment in skin fish, that unfortunatelly is not possible to be effectively filtrated without cousing triple-helix structure to collapse, we divide Natural Collagen in three types:

Natural Collagen Platinum - the most clear and the most delicate – dedicated to care for face, neckline and delicate parts of our body; it is gained from fish belly (it virtually does not contain pigment).

Natural Collagen Silver - it is dedicated fo care for whole rest of our body; it is gained from fish sides (average content of pigmentation).

Natural Collagen Graphite - it is dedicated to care for nails, hair and our joints; it is gained from fish spine that is almost black due to pigmentation.


Intensive anti-wrinkle concentrate
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Native Collagen DNA
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