Blue Line Colway

Blue Colway cosmetic line is very well known by customers, beouse some products are present for more than a decade (without any change!). Products of that line were designed specifically to magnify effects of Natural Collagen, amazing gel that required specific cosmetics to work optimally inside our skin. That how the beginnig of Blue Line was. Nowadays the Line contains over a dozen excellent quality cosmetics for comprehensive skin care. From cleansing, through scrubbing, up to protection and very intensive nutrition and regeneration. Recently the Blue Line has veen enriched with excellent products for hair, developed by dr Krzysztof Slon. That are exceptional Hair thickening shampoo and Hair thickening conditioner for weak and falling out hair. Their effectiveness has already been shrouded with legends.
Blue Colway cosmetic line it is excellent quality combined with good price.

Blue Diamond Cream
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Collagen washing gel
Your price: £ 24.99 each
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Eye Contour Collagen Elixir
Your price: £ 35.99 each
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Hair Thickening Shampoo
Your price: £ 24.99 each
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Hair Thickening Conditioner
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Native Collagen Gold
Your price: £ 59.95 each
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Vitamin C-olway
Your price: £ 21.50 each
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Atelocollagen Colway
Your price: £ 61.99 each
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Collagen toothpaste
Your price: £ 10.95 each
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