Hydro Line

Regular moisturisation is necessary for maintaining the skin in perfect condition and for delaying the ageing processes – that is why we have created the HYDRO range.

We have combined the abundance of luxurious, state-of-the-art active components with the benefits of biologically active collagen, which distinguishes Colway International products. Hydro range will fulfil your dreams of perfect, moisturised skin on your face and body. You will enjoy its natural beauty now and in the future.

The Hydro line is:

  • Proven and tested ingredients combining the power of nature and the patented discoveries of biotechnology
  • Support of the natural defence mechanisms of the skin by restoring the proper ecosystem in a gentle and selective manner
  • The use of fermentation - a unique and irreplaceable biological process - through which it is possible to increase the solubility and concentration of active compounds with greater potency

Novelty in Hydro line:

Exfoliating mask

The exfoliating mask exfoliates the skin and gives it a natural glow. It contains a composition of AHA and BHA acids to stimulate the skin to work. Factors such as sun, age and stress slow down cell renewal and cause a larger accumulation of dead cells. The task of our mask is to accelerate skin renewal processes by reducing the adherence of dead cells, exfoliating them and discovering smoother, fresh skin.


Delicate foaming face wash
Your price: £ 20.99 each
Exfoliating mask
Your price: £ 22.99 each