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About us

Since 2009 Bodycollagen Group has been an official Colway and, later on, also Colway International official distributor. We are a company registered in Great Britain at following adress:


Bodycollagen Group
9 Magpie Close
Bordon, GU35 0XY.

Distributins such amazing products are not just a way of making money. Colway values, quality and products became our passion. Therefore we put a great effort in the highest service standards for our customers and biznes partners. Your satisfaction is our primary goal. 

About Colway

We may say with full responsibility that Colway was estabilished thanks to collagen or, to be more accurate, to distrubute it's only bioactive form based on polish sensational discovery that resulted in fenomenal product called Natural Collagen. As the product itself, Colway (it's name "Colway" came from mixing words "collagen + way") is from the very beginning unique in whole worlds network marketing sector. It is due to uniqueness of Natural Collagen, that became a flagship product and company values and phylosophy: passion, freedom, uniqness and quality hardly comparable with relatively low prices.

From the very beginning, since 2004 Colway has performed unusual in network marketing sector stable growth and success, year after year bitting some rocord. Thanks to great properties of Natural Collagen (thanks to which the company has virtually monopolised market of polish biologically active collagen gels), newest and phenomenal Atelokolagen Colway, cosmetic lines and diet supplements, a group of regular customers is constantly and steadily growing. To be honest, we really don't know where and when the company will reach the growth limit. It is just inestimable. Just be sure that it translates into great finansial success. Colway's for sure, but it may be also... Yours.

Thanks to reaching financial stability and great renown Colway is able to finanse scientific researches of high biotechnology projects (as well as undertaking cooperations with individual biochemical research centers) and  gain technologies that might be called simply as "medical/cosmetological fiction". Colway has access to unique, most expensive and newest technologies becoming a real avant-garde on the worldwide market of cosmetics and diet supplements.

Colway was always gathering people with passion. Those passionates are very innovative, composing amazing products of great quality. Steve Jobs said once: "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower". Colway is not a follower. It is a leader of a great future!

About Colway International

In Aprill 2015 Colway launched it's alternative distribution system called Colway International. As name suggests it is designed for international market. The idea of that strategic move had appeared, when the second generation of biologically active collagen gel has finally was developed. Colway International is designed to bear just incredible marketing potencial of Native Collagen. The succes that Colway ("Classic") has achieved in Poland, Colway International will achieve in global scale! Though still an infant it has proved amazing and worth a closer look growth independently from maternal company.

Colway became a synonym of quality and innovation.

Colway International offers products of highest quality, very often unique, in very reasonable prices at the same time. This is a recipe for success. Read more on Business site.


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