Natural Collagen Platinum

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Volume: 200/100/50 ml

Product description

Natural Collagen Platinum is the clearest of the Colway first-generation collagen gels and therefore dedicated to applying on face, neck, neckline and another delicate part of our skin. It delays signs of skin ageing, helps with enlarged capillaries, excessive blushes, helps fight with all sorts of acne and all sorts of skin pigment changes.

Natural Collagen Platinum is unusually efficient. For one application on skin and neckline, we need around 0,3 ml of it, what in practice means that a bottle of collagen will last for months (it depends on the capacity variant of a bottle that we buy).

Systematic application of Natural Collagen Platinum will :

  • very effectively delays skin ageing processes,
  • improve skin firmness and elasticity,
  • reduces enlarged skin pores,
  • smooths wrinkles and scars,
  • non-invasive face lifting,
  • revitalises mature complexion,
  • reduce aftersun spots and burns, age spots and freckles.

Direction for use

Always cleanse the skin with water before collagen application. Biologically active collagen peptides are better absorbed if the gel is delicately patted on moist skin, not rubbed in. The best and even most spectacular effects of na¬tive collagen are seen when applied immediately after peeling. It is strongly recommended that the collagen be used to the face, neck and cleavage twice daily, in the morning and the evening. Irritated or burned skin requires the application of as much collagen as can be absorbed. The first effects of the product are felt as soon as several minutes after the implementation of the gel.


Aqua, collagen, caprylyl glycol, elastin, lactic acid.

Natural Collagen Platinum is free from any synthetic pigments and chemical fragrances. It is composed only of clear, non-allergising proteins, water, natural stabiliser and lactic acid.

This is hypoallergenic cosmetic.


Natural Collagen Platinum has to be stored in a temperature lower than 28oC and protected from direct sunlight.



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