How to apply collagen Colway?

Kolagen Naturalny lub Kolagen NatywnyNative Collagen, Natural Collagen and Atelokolagen Colway are exceptional cosmetics with a very wide range of benefits. We want to emphasize that they are not creams and according to gain those benefits we have to apply them properly. It is our pleasure to present below ways of collagen Colway application. We want to strongly emphasize, with taken from experience, that those clients who were not satisfied from those products effects or used them incorrectly or un regularly or simply were expecting just too much, effects that any cosmetic is unable to fulfil...

Tips for collagen application:

For anti-ageing purposes, we strongly recommend starting collagen application before the thirties, when our body starts to slow collagen synthesis but wrinkles haven't appeared yet. In this function it is phenomenal cosmetic, that can delay wrinkle formation for decades. In case when they have already appeared we recommend patience. Collagen curation should last at least 4 months to be able to see spectacular anti-wrinkle effects. This is the time when new collagen fibres need to develop and fill gaps in our skin, which results in wrinkles shallowing. At the meantime, we will experience other positive changes, like better skin moisture, colouring, healthy look, the skin is pleasant and silky in touch (especially after Atelokolagen Colway, amazing sensation!), regulation of pH or sebum and sweat glands regulation, etc. Some of them will appear after a few days, other bits later.

For optimalisation Native Collagen effects, we recommend the use of specially designed Colway cosmetic line cosmetics, that thanks to years of researches are so technologically matched, that they synergically magnify collagen regeneration power with great benefits for our skin.

Application of collagen is very simple (difficult maybe only regularity, that is very important). To be a more precise better word for collagen "application" should be "saturation" of our skin with it because we apply a thick gel layer as our skin can absorb. Every person's skin has different needs! We just have to find out how much our skin needs it. For sure, in the beginning, it will absorb much more and later (what should please us) less because it is saturated and requires less gel. The sign of white, dry flakes on the skin is the sign that we apply or too thick layer or our skin is saturated enough and we just have to apply a thinner layer of gel. Notice! Skin needs for collagen changes due to numerous factors. Once it absorbs less collagen, once more. We just have to observe our skin. What is interesting and worth to remember is that absorption of collagen rapidly increases after burns (including sunburns). We may be amazed how much our skin can absorb... but thanks to it we protect our skin from premature ageing or even scars. Generally, our skin has a natural limitation of how much collagen it needs.

Factors that increase Native Collagen absorption

- exfoliating - 2-3 times a week - that is a very important treatment that can increase absorption of collagen and other active substances contained in cosmetics even up to 50%,

- massaging - massaging, patting or pressing of skin helps to increase its absorption,

- baths with collagen - see below. 


Notice! Native Collagen differs from Natural Collagen with density. It is around two times denser, therefore we apply it much less (practically just 1 pomp per application). Higher density requires more water on our skin, but from another hand Native Collagen lasts for longer.

Atelokolagen Colway, for instance, has got just amazing absorption capacity and requires much less water to do so. It is absorption master among Colway collagen gels.

Notice! Colway collagen gel (regardless which one we apply) must be covered with appropriate cream once the skin gets dry after application. Collagen is not a cream, rather skin conditioner, that acts deep inside our skin, not on the surface. Therefore applying just collagen causes firstly lack of protection against environmental factors and secondly, that some part of collagen will rather stay on the surface of the skin, than penetrate deeper the skin. We recommend Colway creams with collagen that is specially designed to provide a wide range of synergic reactions with collagen gels. 

How often to apply?

Ideally twice a day: in the morning and the evening. In the morning we thoroughly cleanse our skin (we recommend Collagen washing gel) and on a still wet skin apply a thin layer of collagen. Wait when skin gets dry (making at the time some other morning duties) or - having enough time - gently pat or massage collagen into a skin. Then apply moisturising day cream and you are ready for makeup. Collagen perfectly prepares skin for it, even during the great summer heat. 
In the evening, for instance, we devote to our skin more attention. We use exfoliators, massages, creams, fluids, masks or balms. On weekends or holidays, it is worth to have even third application in the midday (from experience we know that it is possible only in the first weeks of application, due to high enough collagen saturation in a skin.).

Face, neck and cleavage

After cleansing, on still wet skin, we apply a thin layer of collagen, optionally gently tapping or massaging it in. After a few minutes, when skin gets dry, there should appear a sensation of tension on the skin. It is the desired effect. It will be eliminated by applying a layer of cream we should always put after collagen application (collagen itself acts inside of the skin, leaving it unprotected). We recommend specially designed Colway creams that perfectly and synergically magnify effects of collagen skin treatment.

On those parts of our skin, we recommend Atelokolagen Colway, Natural Collagen Platinum or any of Native Collagens. If You don't know which one to choose, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to advise the best option.


Eyelids and around the eyes are areas of the most delicate skin and thinnest fatty layer and this is the area where wrinkles appear first. Therefore we should take care of it, especially when it is not too late. Colway collagens are the perfect choice for that purpose.

Notice! Due to lactic acid, that may irritate conjunctivitis of the eye, if some of it will get into the eye (it is not painful or harmful, just unpleasant and may lead to eye reddening, what doesn't look attractive...). We should be especially careful with Native Collagen Gold due to strong active substances that may potentially cause eye irritations.

We recommend supporting collagen gels with specially designed for eyes 2 phenomenal cosmetics: Eye contour collagen elixir. The serum is lighter and dedicated for moisturising skin without visible signs of ageing (before wrinkles), Elixir, for instance, is very powerful and dedicated for mature skin, though it is also recommended as prevention. If you have bought 2 of them we recommend using Serum in the morning, before make-up, Elixir in the evening, before going to sleep. 


We recommend applying Native Collagen Silver or other collagen gels, always after bath or shower, when the pores are open and our skin absorbs much more collagen. 

Hands and nails

Well, cared-for hands and nails are a showcase of every elegant woman. In those cases, collagen can make real wonders.

Collagen can deal with almost all nails issues, like discolourations, brittleness, fungal and other issues. We apply as much collagen (because of the price we suggest Natural Collagen Graphite) directly on a nail and, if there is no time, without rinsing we recommend to cover a gel with nail polish. The effects will come very quickly.


Strength and beauty of hair depend depends not only on shampoo and conditioner that we use but also (if not primarily) on diet. To its strengthening it is recommended good diet reach in sulfur or regular supplementation - we recommend Colvita and Vitamin C-olway.

Without proper nourishment from inside, the external treatments may be not that effective as we could wish.

For external treatment, Colway has a range of fantastic and often unique hair products.

In many hairdressing salons and clients privately use collagen (due to price we recommend Natural Collagen Graphite) as a mask or rinse. 1-2 pomps of collagen dissolve in warm water (35-37oC) and rub it into already washed and still wet hair and scalp. Wait for about 20 minutes. Optionally, You may soak your hair in the water of the same temperature with dissolved collagen in it for about 10-15 minutes. After the treatment collagen may be or rinsed or left and dried without rinsing. In the latter case, it will act like hair foam - will make hair more elastic and will help to keep the given hairstyle. What is important, the hair will look natural and clean, because collagen will migrate deep into hair structure strengthening it.

Beside amazing product for hair from Natural line, we have in the offer also unique and exceptionally effective Hair thickening shampoo and Hair thickening conditioner. Those 2 products are based on unique and available only in Colway bioactive form of diosmin, that very effectively improves skin blood circulation, causing much greater hair root supply in nutrients. As an effect, we observe at the beginning strengthening of hair (You will not see anymore handfull of hair after each combing) and after few months gradual hair thickening. (Notice! The product became a legend long before it started to be sold... there were real pilgrimages to its' inventor, just to buy it... all because of effectiveness).

Collagen baths

Effectiveness of collagen baths is extremely high. Though it may seem like a waste, just one bath can provide to our skin as much collagen peptides as several topical application! A small amount of collagen (4-6 pomps or according Your wish) dissolve in a small glass of warm water. The solution pours into a warm bath of temperature as close to the human body as possible (36-37oC). In that temperature collagen triple-helixes gently despirilize, releasing active amino acids and peptides that have easier way deep into the skin, because water warmth opens pores. The bath should last at least 10-15 minutes. Due to the price we recommend Natural Collagen Graphite.


Colvita is a lyophilized tropocollagen enclosed in capsules. It is a unique product, that is totally out of comparison with any collagen supplementations collagen hydrolyzates 99,99% of products (it is produced only in 2 factories). Amazing properties allow us to call it "perfect food" of legendary now health and beauty benefits law regulations, we are forced to recommend not more than 2 capsules a day. All because limitation of Vitamin E. There are no other contraindications except fish protein allergy or any other natural component of Colvita.

We recommend intaking capsule before or after am l, due to Vitamin E that is soluble in fats. Practically it may be breakfast and supper.

We do not recommend the intake of just 1 capsule a day for adults or unregularly. It may be not enough to provide real change in our beauty and health what may be disappointing.

Notice! Colvita (and all other collagen supplements) should be always supported with organic Vitamin C. It was the reason why as one of the very first companies we have created 100% natural Vitamin C-olway, that has very high 220mg of the clear vitamin in 1 capsule. 

Mistakes in collagen application

In most cases of customers who are not satisfied with the results of collagen treatment, it wasn't applied correctly. Below is a list of most common things worth to avoid:
- expecting immediate effects and instant disappearance of all wrinkles. At first, we need at least 4 months of regular application to see anti-wrinkle effects, secondly, collagen does not eliminate all types of wrinkles. It is most effective on dry wrinkles. Mimic wrinkles will shallow effectively, but will not eliminate them.
- storage collagen (especially Natural Collagen) in inadequate place (direct sun or wrong temperature), that may cause loose of its bioactive properties. Notice! Native Collagen is stable in temperature of human existence (it is stable even over 50oC),
- application of a too thick layer of collagen - it will not accelerate its action but will be wasted and maybe rolling under a make-up what may be a very unpleasant sensation,
- being unregular.

Inhibiting factors

- Irregular lifestyle, poor diet, stimulants (especially smoking), sweets,
- smoking is very harmful mostly for our body collagen. Nikotin "kills" Vitamin C in our body. The latter is a conditioning factor for collagen synthesis. Therefore the more smoking, the less Vitamin C = less collagen synthesis. That is a reason why smokers have got characteristic wrinkles around mouth - this is a place when collagen synthesis is very, very low and the skin is simply... prematurely old. If giving up smoking is to difficult, we recommend a must be an alternative - supplementation with Vitamin C,
- lack of sport and physical activity.

Colway collagen gels are in 100% natural products and to work perfectly they also require as natural as a possible lifestyle. For a person who has an active, healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, who do not smoke, there is no option that this product will not bring any benefits. It certainly will.

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