Native Collagen Colway

Native Collagen is a range of collagen products of highest generation, one of the biggest cosmetic sensation. Native Collagen is isolated from fish skin on it's molecular development stage, and due to very difficult controlled collapse in form of single helix or at least 100 aminoacid chains.

This it one and the only one the world natural peptide conglomerate, that easily penetrates protective skin barrier. Collagen is called the "protein of youth", that makes over 30% of human protein total weight and even 70% of skin proteins. Alongside with elastin it forms elastic grid, that makes skin springy and firm, binds water and lipophilic substances. The collagen grid determines condition of connective tissue (what means in other words that it determines condition of skin and whole body, our health and beauty). When collagen is on it's molecular development stage it is still transdermal – what is impossible for more developed, "older" collagen forms that are simply to huge to be capable to. It has also almost identical spetial structure with human collagen, what makes it perfectly compatible with our skin.

Native Collagen is an anti-age product, that in contrast to thousands creams – don't fight with results of aging but with it's reason. The main reason of wrinkles is increasing deficit of collagen.

Beside of exceptionally clear Native Collagen Pure we have in offer also collagen gels enriched with valuable active substances: Native Collagen Gold and Native Collagen DNA. It occured that beside a long list of desirable properties Native Collagen gel has amazing capability to bind with other substances and transport them deep into a skin as a carrier. That is how we gain cosmetics of extraordinary effectivness and exceptional application benefits. Only one of it's kind in the world!

Native Collagen Pure
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Native Collagen Gold
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Native Collagen DNA
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Intimate Hygiene Gel with Collagen
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Collagen toothpaste
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Your price: £ 41.49 each
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