DNA Line Colway

DNA repair and protection is an essential part of maintaining healthy, youthful skin.

We know what it needs, which is why we created a line of cosmetics that strengthens and activates the skin’s own natural cell formation processes, stimulating them to grow and divide.

Colway DNA lineThe DNA line from Colway features highly-concentrated cosmetic formulas that have a unique effect not only on the skin’s surface but also at the cellular and intercellular levels. Products in the DNA line are based on innovative scientific achievements, the proven biological effect of active collagen and active ingredients sourced from around the world. This guarantees its efficiency and rejuvenating effect compared to the usual aesthetic treatments.

The DNA line from Colway contains cosmetics that are the best anti=age serums available on the market. They are composed of record number up to 16 of luxury active cosmetic substances. You will not buy cosmetic of such an overloaded composition in any drugstore.

The DNA line from Colway effects after application we call as "surgery like". Try, you won't be disappointed.


Native Collagen DNA
Your price: £ 63.99 each
Intensive anti-wrinkle concentrate
Your price: £ 20.99 each


Hair Thickening Conditioner
Your price: £ 24.49 each
Your price: £ 34.99 each
Intimate Hygiene Gel with Collagen
Your price: £ 12.49 each
Intensive anti-wrinkle concentrate
Your price: £ 20.99 each

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