Collagen in our tissues.Collagen is not only most common protein of human body (and all vertebrates in general) with 30% to 48% participation in total protein weight but also, due to its' functions in an organism, the most crucial protein! This almost "miraculous" protein occurs in nearly every parts of the human body, from eyeballs, through bones, hair, nails, up to skin (in the latter collagen is 70% of all proteins). We want You to remember about one, vital thing - collagen is not given once for all - as all of our body it undergoes the continual process of exchange. Old one dies and is replaced and maintained by a system of cells called keratinocytes, chondrocytes and fibroblasts - cells that are specialised in collagen production.

Collagen protein of youth. Collagen Colway.The title of the article is not an exaggeration even in the slightest bit! Collagen is a protein of youth! Our human body is composed primarily of so-called connective tissue, that is a foundation of every other kind of tissues or even whole organs (it is from 60-90% per cent of them). For example, our lungs and kidneys are in 90% build from connective tissue, while our heart from about 60%. All rest are cells, that plays a particular role in a tissue or an organ. Only those proportions help us realise how important role plays the connective tissue, though it is not just statistics here - important are physiological functions that it plays.

Effects of application of collagen gels from ColwayNatural collagen (and a new generation of Native Collagen) is revolutionary cosmetic, in which have already trusted hundreds of thousand regular customers all over the world. This is a little different product than what we get used to most of cosmetics, so some basic knowledge about the product itself and way of its application are necessary. When we use it inadequately, we may be disappointed not getting the expected effects. However, the best to know is that the collagen works and works fantastic.

Collagen role in connective tissue and all organismThe human body consists mostly of connective tissue. In total, the weight of any organ, like, e.g. kidneys or lungs, the connective tissue is up to 90%, while of, e.g. heart is 60%. If we were searching for right words to describe its function in our body, we would use: supportive, because connective tissue is a sort of scaffolding that helps to create optimal conditions for literally every single biochemical process in our body.

Natural Collagen, it's effectiveness on a skinSkin acts in our body as... clothes; it has got a similar function - it cools us in the summer and warms us in the winter. It is our largest organ, which tightly shields internal organs, muscles and all other parts of our body. It helps to maintain an optimum human body temperature of around 36°C, which is generally higher than the warmth of our environment. The skin is essential to us, thanks to it, we can use the sense of touch, and its appearance is often a measure of our attractiveness to other people.

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