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A word before we start

It doesn't really matter what is the reason You have found out Yourself on our website, dear Reader, but we want You to know that this moment might become one of the most important in Your life. That sort of opportunity that Colway gives You to change Your life appears unutterably rear. One, maybe two a decade... or even more rarely... All thanks to breakthroughs in biotechnology, that gave us phenomenal quality collagen products, unique in global scale and exceptionaly effective. You can lead an active social life, making profit at the same time. The more active the social life, the more profitable it becomes.

Colway proved its unique effectiveness amazingly chopping through for itself a stable possition amongs leaders on extremely competitive and difficult cosmetic market, marking out at the same time with stable growth and guaranteeing its members stable income on highest in Europe level. Thanks to phenomenal collagen gels, that our competitor literally envy us, and equally high quality cosmetics and diet supplements achieving marketing success with Colway is truly possible. Your own business with Colway comes down to three primary and easy steps:

1. Using our products and convincing Yourself about it's quality and effectiveness.

2. Recommending Your favourite products to friends and then their friends.

3. Showing a keen to follow You, that they are also able to relatively easily make profite on these phenomenal products.

At every above stage You will have our help and support. First we want You to achieve financial stability and finally financial freedom. This is the moment when that business may become Your real passion, that will help You to come closer or even fullfill Your dreams. With Colway they are really achievable.

Use this chance for real change! Such opportunity doesn't come often!


After 12 years of exceptionally stable growth, Colway management in 2015 decided to launch alternative biznes proposal, Colway International, that we invite You, dear Reader, to cooperate with – with one or both at the same time. All depends on Your preferencess, becouse both of them have it's advantages.

1. Colway International was launched in april 2015. This is modern and innovative system, designed to "bear" incredible marketing potential on international scale of new generation of Native Collagen. This is still infant but has already proven it's giant developmental potential. That what Colway "classic" has achieved in Poland, Colway International is going to achieve on global scale soon, becoming one of the most recognisable network marketing brand in the world.
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2. Colway (called "classic") was estabilished in 2003. It is proved company that has fought out very stable possition on polish Network Marketing market, very effectively competing with major international giants. This is proven offer, certain and, thought it occured to be mostly effective in Poland (and now focuses mainly on that market), it has got huge marketing potential in every single market in the world. 
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You decide, if You want to take advantage and join the successfull Colway team. Your business with Colway will change Your life for better.

Do You need any help? Do You have any question? Don't hesitate to contact us:

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