Collagen washing gel

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Volume: 250ml

Product description

Do you need gentle makeup removal gel, which will easily remove even waterproof makeup without irritation of delicate skin?

Collagen washing gel will meet your expectations; this cosmetic contains only delicate washing substances and vegetable components soothing irritations, softening and hydrating the skin.
This is a product purifying not only the skin of the face but also the whole body. It protects the natural protective barrier of the skin (hydro-lipid coat). It is devoid of irritating washing substances (SLS, SLES), giving a sense of comfort and safety of usage. It is so soft and safe that you can easily use it to clean the body of a child.

Active substances

Collagen - the essential component of connective tissue, ensures proper hydration, skin regeneration and maintains flexibility of the skin.
Aloe Vera extract - has hydrating, anti-inflammation and muting properties. 
- extremely rich in active substances, restores hydro-lipid barrier, slows down the ageing process and protects against free radicals.

Direction for use

Every morning and evening apply a small amount of gel on your hands, add water, gently foam and massaging the skin gently, remove makeup and dirt, then rinse thoroughly with water.
It removes ideally even waterproof makeup.

Advice: If possible, do not dry your hands/face with a towel but let your skin to dry itself. That will leave some extra coat on your skin. 


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