Vege Collagen

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Volume: 45ml

Product description

Why not replace the animal-based collagen with a substitute derived exclusively from plants? Most probably as the first dermo-cosmetic in the world, COLLAGEN VEGE contains all amino acids which build collagen, even though they are all purely plant-based! The product has been inspired by vegan ideology and ethical code, yet the final results can benefit us all.

The skin’s condition reflects any nutritional deficiencies; therefore, it is worth using dermo-cosmetics which provide vital substances “from outside”. Vegan diet does not cause protein deficiencies, but the amino acid profiles of plants and animals can be significantly different. Plant-based proteins contain less amino acids such as leucine; and vegan sources of hydroxyproline are almost impossible to find. Until today! COLLAGEN VEGE does not contain extensin but hydroxyproline isolated from cell walls of algae.

The amount of hydroxyproline occurring naturally in plant proteins is very small. Increased demand for hydroxyproline results in exhaustion of proline and vitamin C supplies in our bodies, including those in the skin. Hydroxyproline is responsible for twisting the collagen triple helix, which means that the collagen in our skin is resilient and flexible.

What can other ingredients be found in COLLAGEN VEGE?

Extract from the green Chlorella Vulgaris algae used by us for obtaining hydroxyproline, rich in microelements and mineral salts. Algae help to regulate fluid balance, and have revitalising and detoxifying properties. They visibly improve the condition of skin, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Niacinamide acting in synergy with kinetin. The combination of the two ingredients helps to reduce discolouration and the depth of wrinkles, allows for smoothing the skin and boosting its hydration, as well as helps to decrease any redness. Thanks to niacinamide, COLLAGEN VEGE demonstrates soothing and anti­irritation properties, which makes it a perfect choice for managing all types of dermatoses and for brightening discolouration. It is a potent antioxidant.

Young coconut water which is the source of kinetin – the natural plant­based growth hormone. It has potent antioxidant, hydrating, revitalising, anti-aging and skin brightening properties. It provides the skin with natural minerals and nutritional ingredients. The coconut water is thickened with high molecular hyaluronic acid which supports its skin hydration properties. Kinetin is one of the natural plant-based hormones, a member of the cytokinins group (growth hormones) found in green coconut. It is responsible for anabolic processes, as well as for growth, shape and division of cells. It helps retain water in epidermis, improves skin tone, and brightens discolouration. It firms, hydrates and regenerates the skin. Young coconut water is also recommended for problematic and particularly sensitive skin.


•     reduces the appearance of wrinkles

•     improves the firmness and flexibility of skin

•     nourishes

•     helps to regenerate dehydrated skin

•     restores skin’s natural resistance by rebuilding its hydrolipid barrier

•     treats inflammation symptoms (reduces the appearance of erythema, redness) and supports the skin’s resistance

•     soothes

•     caresfordryand rough skin

•     regulates sebum production

•     reduces discolouration, evens out skin tone


•     easily and quickly absorbed due to light consistency, perfect for under make-up

•     plant-based substitute for the animal-derived collagen

•     the scent of COLLAGEN VEGE comes exclusively from natural aromas of its plant ingredients

•     it does not contain any preservatives – PRESERVATIVE FREE!

•     does not contain any animal-derived ingredients

•     manufactured in Poland with respect for the nature and the rules of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) thermally stable within the range of storing temperatures typical for all cosmetics.