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Volume: 75ml

Specialised cosmetic product for skin with irritation or pathological changes. The product is a water solution of a previously unknown physico-chemical combination of silver and oxygen and was first released in the summer of 2016. 75 ml of this sensational liquid, composed by Dr Krzysztof Słoń – Polish inventor of, among others, an explosive commonly used in the aerospace sector (6-nitrostilben) and a biologically active diosmin formula – is provided in the form of an aerosol, which should be an universal cure for many skin problems (and other issues) difficult to treat or inhibit.

Dr Słoń’s Elixir works (the better the closer it can get to the inflammatory focus) by fighting harmful microorganisms: bacteria, fungi and viruses, and to a lesser degree – mould and protozoans. The active ingredients are silver particles and oxygen. The antiseptic effect is not immediate. It is achieved after 2-3 hours from application and is maintained until silver particles are removed. Multiple topical applications may be required until symptoms subside. It is recommended for a wide spectrum of skin lesions (abrasions, allergies, yeast infections, inflammation of the skin and muscles, infections, developing ulcers, boils, eczema etc.), always when it can accelerate healing (even of the mucous membrane), as well as to disinfect and to prevent growth of microorganisms (inside the fridge, food packaging, underwear, clothes, shoes, children’s toys and other objects). Perfect for moisturising problematic skin before using collagen hydrates. 

Directions for use: 

Directions for use: spray affected area of the skin and wait till dry. Do not wash off. Repeat applications until the desired effect has been achieved

IMPORTANT! Dr Słoń’s Elixir is not a medicine or a universal cure for all skin diseases. If you do not observe the first signs of symptoms subsiding after repeated application, this means that the active ingredients cannot reach the inflammatory focus or do not work on the pathological lesion, so it is always recommended to get medical advice in such cases.