What should we know about a skin?

Natural Collagen, it's effectiveness on a skinSkin acts in our body as... clothes; it has got a similar function - it cools us in the summer and warms us in the winter. It is our largest organ, which tightly shields internal organs, muscles and all other parts of our body. It helps to maintain an optimum human body temperature of around 36°C, which is generally higher than the warmth of our environment. The skin is essential to us, thanks to it, we can use the sense of touch, and its appearance is often a measure of our attractiveness to other people.

The stratum corneum of the epidermis is subjected to a significant part of cosmetic procedures - peeling, moistening, whitening, some mechanical treatments, etc. Our skin is a flexible barrier composed of proteins and lipids to protect the internal body environment best. The structure of the stratum corneum may be depicted using an image of a brick wall. If we make such a comparison, in the imagination we will see a resilient, flexible, plastic wall in which keratinocytes are keratinised (cells derived from stem cells that continuously exchange, up to a dead for of a cell). Young keratinocytes migrate from the deeper layers of the epidermis up to the surface, filling up by the way with the keratin - a hard protein to protect our skin. Old keratinocytes, on the other hand, are exfoliated. To accelerate this process, we should, by ourselves, in-home comforts or by cosmetic procedures, subject our skin to regular exfoliation.

Structure of epidermis

On average, a person loses about 4 kg of epidermis cells a year and a woman who regularly uses exfoliators - up to 1/3 more, which is also associated with nearly 20% of the skin ageing delay. Because after exfoliating, our skin absorbs up to 50% more of the active substances contained in cosmetics. It is not hard to imagine that our skin ageing process may be considerably delayed with such treatments.

Keratinocytes, bricks in our wall, are bonded with each other by lipids. Lipids are nothing more than protection against tearing of the epidermis apart. They are responsible for maintaining hydration, orderly epidermis restoration, protection against chemicals and microorganisms from the outside. Lipids can be strengthened in many ways, such as ceramides, which may be a part of cosmetics. However, there is a contradiction here.

On the one hand, we want to protect our skin against certain substances from the outside. On the other hand, we want the active substances from creams, to penetrate deep into the extracellular matrix and stimulate the skin to regenerate, to produce more collagen, elastin and enzymes. This contradiction may be suppressed by so-called liquid crystal cosmetics base as a substitute for traditional formulations: Oil-Water, Water-Oil combined with emulsifiers such as the PEG family.

In cosmetics stores, we can find all sorts of different products for acne skin, yet others for dry and sensitive skin and quite unusual for couperose one. As shown by research, the characteristic feature of all skin types with problems is the inflammatory processes, and it is the main reason those problems are taking place. Skin that is prone to inflammable means is always sensitive. Progressive cosmetology is struggling today not with results but with the causes of ageing and all other skin problems. The essence of this strategy is the product you have already met - Natural Collagen or its superior generation: Native Collagen Colway.

The liquid crystal cosmetic base for the manufacture of creams was designed to bypass the need for emulsions on atopic skin, whose condition is considerably deteriorated in the presence of surfactants. This base imitates the composition and structure of the hydro-lipid barrier of the epidermis. It allows the technologists to create a cream without the often allergic emulsifiers from the PEG family.

It can be clearly stated that creams created in new liquid crystal biotechnologies (we recommend the Colway Atelo Gold Line) are products that are inspired by the natural structure and function of the skin. You may even find that active ingredients in such a composition with a liquid-crystal cosmetic base are somehow more natural to penetrate and absorb. The structure of the liquid- crystal based cream is perfectly compatible with the skin so that it can work more effectively than traditional creams. Rebuilding the natural barrier to the epidermis is a crucial task for improving the appearance of the skin and its health. Skin with broken hydro-lipid coat will become sensitive sooner or later. Prevent this by applying the perfect Colway cosmetics.



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