Collagen hydrate in scientific researches

Collagen Colway in scientific researchesThis article has been written for those of you, who want to deepen their knowledge of tropocollagen phenomenon and those who seek scientific justification for its effectiveness. Because there are often questions about the evidence of its efficacy or conducted experiments, we understand these questions and try to meet and answer them.


When writing about the concrete evidence of the beneficial effects of tropocollagen on the human body, it is worth mentioning a few studies that have been a milestone for this remarkable product. Here are some of them:

  • Polish biochemists from Silesia, having a fish triple-helix collagen retaining stable outside the body, made significant progress in understanding the function and structure of the extracellular matrix. On this occasion, they demonstrated the direct impact of molecular collagen on the multiplication of human fibroblasts. Silesian scientists have created, instead of plastic or glass surfaces, three-dimensional substrate, which was similar to the conditions of the tissue. This experiment proved an intriguing finding - the PHB (synthetic polyhydroxybutyrate) medium with fish collagen contained the most significant number of adherent cells. After about 4 hours of incubation, their name was almost 30% more than in the control culture containing only the culture medium.
  • Another study conducted this time in the Military Chemical Institute in Poland has assumed that fish collagen has at least anti-inflammatory properties, which is entirely confirmed by the own observation conducted by Colway. Scientific studies conducted in WICHE have shown that tropocollagen contained in Natural Collagen can migrate in the cellular space of the skin, and this means that it is transdermal. These works also prove that fish collagen can reduce inflammation at the cellular level. For some, it may mean little, for example, only effective symptomatic treatment, but for others, it can mean a lot.
  • Under the direction of prof. Yuan Yong Xi has been proven to have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • At the Department of Chemistry of the University of Gdansk, research was conducted focusing on the transdermal mechanism of the fish tropocollagen breakdown products. Five pathways of peptide penetration into the skin: cell, intercellular, hair follicles, sebaceous glands and sweat glands were observed. It has also been noted that the peptides of characteristic sequences penetrate deep through those paths. This is the only known to natural science protein capable of penetrating the epidermis barrier!
  • Dr W. Brajczewska-Fischer, an excellent immunologist and dermatologist wrote:
    • "(...) about the influence of collagen amino acids of lysine and proline in vitamins aspartates. C and polyphenols to inhibit the formation of blood vessels in the tumour tissue (osteosarcoma)"
    • "Unlike the beneficial effects of topical application of vitamin A derivatives (retinoids), where the positive impact was seen after only ten months, the use of transdermal collagen accelerates positive cosmetic results, which is an apparent reason for increasing interest in this product.
    • "Clinical observations indicate the positive effects of collagen in different forms of allergic skin disease and diseases associated with epidermal keratosis (psoriasis, hypercholesterolemia) and in skin diseases associated with abnormal sebaceous glands (acne vulgaris and rosacea) except for the occurrence of deep purulent lesions that require prior anti-infective treatment "
    • "Satisfactory effects of transdermal collagen are obtained in chronic venous insufficiency (varicose veins), which are associated with trophic changes in the skin ischemia and subcutaneous tissue."

The literature on tertiary collagen is, unfortunately, unusually skimpy. We have the impression that Polish biochemists still do not realise how powerful and effective that product is. Also, it is noteworthy a general downtime in scientific research on protein biochemistry, which does not improve the quantity and quality of scientific research in this matter.

Nevertheless, the above researches, although scarce, are an indispensable testimony to anyone who doubts the sensational performance of this niche product, the hydrate of fish tropocollagen. Thanks to this Polish invention, in a completely non-invasive way, we can finally effectively take care of our health conditions and appearance of our skin. It delays for many years the appearance of signs of ageing - wrinkles. You will find it in Natural Collagen Colway.


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