What should we know about cosmetics?

Colway International luxury cosmeticsHow the market researches show. Unfortunately, a vast majority of women decide to buy a particular cosmetic product following advertisements, excellent packaging, fashion or trends, while the least make decisions after analysing composition or reflection under real needs of a skin. The client, who knows what to get for a particular price, will carefully check the product composition, before deciding to it.

The more comprehensive price range we can notice when looking on creams. Did you even think about, dear Ladies, why one cream costs £2, whereas another £200? Let's focus for a moment on that issue. Looking at cream price ranges, we should expect from the following characteristics:

  • Up to £4 - lanolin, glycerin, cheap mineral oils, silicones, aromas, not very original packaging
  • up to £10 - vitamins, plant oils, UV filters, good packaging
  • up to £30 - vitamins, that are enclosed in transdermal carriers, active substances, fruit acids, plant proteins, hyaluronic acid, herbs, polymers and ceramides
  • up to £100 - in this case manufacturers are focusing on comprehensive advertising campaigns and longlasting marketing strategies. What are these factors that determine the final price of those products? According to objective expectations from those creams, we shouldn't be surprised if: excellent and original packaging, tight closure of the jar, reasonable composition with components like vitamins encapsulated in liposomes or other capable carriers, ceramides, lipoic acid, grains, good antioxidants, coenzymes, retinol, bovine collagen, etc., as well as ingredients listed in less expensive creams but much more significant percentage than trace
  • over £100 – all ingredients listed above, except that for cosmetics from this shelf there are wholesalers of the highest quality components, and such wholesalers are only a dozen or so worldwide. The plant substances contained in these creams are derived solely from the shoot and root growth cones, during germination, flowering or budding. Also, wholesale components for such cosmetics offer such substances as biospheric acid, precious metal anions, colloidal gold, and so on.

INCI – International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients – components in this register are catalogued in Latin and English. Keeping track of the INCI composition, you can easily save the money, you spend on cosmetics that are not worth it. Knowledge of at least the basics of the INCI nomenclature may help you in recognition of multi-ingredient cosmetics with a comparative method.

Thanks to such knowledge, in the future you may avoid the advertising manipulation and choose a product that will be good enough for you, compared to its price. It is worth remembering that the advertising and trends, or even the extraordinary popularity of a particular cosmetic, are seldom relevant to its actual effectiveness. The measurable effect of such cream is determined solely and exclusively by its composition, quantity and quality of these ingredients.

Information about the quality of used ingredients, however, always remains a mystery of manufacturers. Distributors can, at the very least, try to control it, for example, by monitoring the purchase and start-up of the manufacturers. And just in this field, Colway is always trying to do it, creating its series of cosmetics of the highest quality and proven benefits of use. It creates the most top quality cosmetics without paying attention to costs! You can be sure, dear client, that you are reaching for the highest quality product at a significantly lower price comparing to its quality. There is not only a removed significant component of the advertising price, but Colway has also got technologies and components that other manufacturers do not have or do not use because of their cost. Try the Colway offer, and you are worth it!



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