Effects of Colway collagen gels application

Effects of application of collagen gels from ColwayNatural collagen (and a new generation of Native Collagen) is revolutionary cosmetic, in which have already trusted hundreds of thousand regular customers all over the world. This is a little different product than what we get used to most of cosmetics, so some basic knowledge about the product itself and way of its application are necessary. When we use it inadequately, we may be disappointed not getting the expected effects. However, the best to know is that the collagen works and works fantastic.

Anti-wrinkle collagen treatment should last at least 3-4 month of regular use. Why such a time? It is the time that is required by the natural process of exchanging collagen to rebuild and renew the collagen fibre network in our skin. After that time, we may notice fantastic results. However, let's not expect impossible - it is impossible to eliminate profound old wrinkles, effectively shallow them, what is very desired effect itself. During that time, much earlier, we may experience other positive benefits of regular collagen application - the whole list of them below. However, Natural and Native Collagen is the most effective in its preventive function - the proper use for decades prevents us from forming new age wrinkles, what is an effect desired by everyone.

We suggest to apply collagen gels two times a day - mornings and evenings, on well cleansed and still wet skin. After application wait a moment till the gel will get absorbed (you may help with it by gently massaging it into or tapping on a skin). On the evening it is worth to apply before collagen an exfoliator, to increase (even by 50%) absorbability for collagen and other active substances we use after it. It is ideal skin preparation for collagen, and its application brings effects much, much faster. After the collagen application, we should always cover it with a cream.

Collagen is suitable for all types for the skin. It is also hypoallergenic, don't sensitise. The only exception is people allergic to the fish protein, which is a very rare allergy.

Polish distributors, according to surveys from thousands of customers, created a list of benefits of that sensational collagen product skin application. Here are the most interesting ones:

  • forms a film on top of a skin that effectively retains water in it,
  • completely removes so-called dry wrinkles (formed due to skin dryness),
  • smooth deep, old wrinkles,
  • prevents from new one's formation,
  • effectively delays the ageing process of the skin,
  • make skin soft in touch and elastic,
  • support treatment of rosacea acne,
  • support cellulite reduction,
  • brilliantly eliminates effects of minor burns and bruises,
  • is sensational on skin sighs and biting,
  • liquidate a wide range of nails problems,
  • removes blackheads,
  • bring relief in the neuralgia and bones inflammation,
  • strengthens and regenerates hair,
  • restores the skin proper structure after invasive peelings,
  • regulates excessive sweating,
  • is ideal as an after shaving balm, especially for sensitive skin,
  • soothes effects of frostbite,
  • accelerate body regeneration after giving birth,
  • accelerate treatment after joints twisting,
  • prevents vaginal mycosis,
  • inhibits the growth of so-called "spiders",
  • significantly accelerates the inhibition of the swellings,
  • prevents from stretch marks
  • softens old scars and significantly soothes new ones.

Colway has created the above list only based on feedback from clients using our products as well as opinions of medical doctors and cosmetologists. Be sure that they are not fabricated. The list is much shorter than it would be if we didn't delete to optimistic opinions. We were trying to make it sound reasonable, not fantastic... Let's us remember that Natural Collagen and Native Collagen are registered as cosmetics, not medications. In this role, they are beneficial, anyways.

In 2013 the list of contraindications was updated for this cosmetics:

  • chemotherapy and radiotherapy,
  • 14 days period after phototherapy of psoriasis,
  • allergy to fish proteins (in population infinitesimal percentage),
  • eczema against protein allergy,
  • for safety reason - advanced pregnancy.

The above contraindications there is no 100% proofs, and no one can claim for or against them (the only specific exception allergy to fish proteins) and the list is used for safety reason. Due to that reason the as a company we care for the safety and satisfaction of our clients, we have remained the list unchanged.

Natural Collagen and Native Collagen are products extremely safe in dermatology use. Among well over 2 million used its bottles, the medical complications after it's use were round "ZERO" - what is clear evidence of its' safety.

If you want to change your life for better: your appearance, your well being isn't it worth to start from changing the thing that You always see in a mirror - begin from your face and the whole body? I am convinced that thanks to Colway products with its flagship products Natural and Native Collagen You will retain or regain Your attractiveness and well being.


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