Collagen - the protein of youth

Collagen protein of youth. Collagen Colway.The title of the article is not an exaggeration even in the slightest bit! Collagen is a protein of youth! Our human body is composed primarily of so-called connective tissue, that is a foundation of every other kind of tissues or even whole organs (it is from 60-90% per cent of them). For example, our lungs and kidneys are in 90% build from connective tissue, while our heart from about 60%. All rest are cells, that plays a particular role in a tissue or an organ. Only those proportions help us realise how important role plays the connective tissue, though it is not just statistics here - important are physiological functions that it plays.

Connective tissue creates an internal physiological environment that allows every single process to happen. It creates a sort of scaffolding (like a skeleton for muscles) to which cells are attached. It is a connective tissue that determines the shape and internal organization of tissues and organs. Together with blood and lymph conditions the metabolic processes. Furthermore, it performs immunological and regeneration and healing function. In a word - the quality of our life, health, condition and also beauty is determined by the condition of connective tissue. Everything comes down to it.

We emphasize strongly that connective tissue's role in our body, to even stronger emphasize the importance of collagen for our health and beauty. Collagen is the main component of connective tissue! Therefore statement that most (if not everything) in our body is dependent on body collagen is not a marketing abuse but scientific fact.

Collagen, there is no doubt about it, is a protein of youth. The easiest way to see it is to look in the mirror. If You are lucky enough to be around thirty or over you will no doubt notice... wrinkles. This is the most obvious evidence of ageing - the process of a gradual loss of collagen in our body - in this case in our skin. We want You to know that parallel process takes place in every single organ of our body, that is the reason why we shrink while ageing. This is the reason why we start to experience numerous ailments like pains, loss of fitness, health and immunological issues, etc. The older we are, what means, the more collagen we have lost, the more those problems become severe.

If so, is there anyone who doesn't want to know what is a condition of his body collagen, determining his/her health and beauty? There is one, very simple, though indicative test. It is your... iris. If it is solid, it means, that You are among "chosen" 5% of population ones who may easily aim a 100 and over years old with almost perfect health and condition. Researches have shown that common characteristic of longevity people is the perfect condition of body collagen. All this is reflected on iris and You may easily access to that "secret" because our eye is almost in 100% build from... collagen!

Collagen in iris, you can see your health

Ok, it is only 5% of the population. What about the rest, especially those whose iris more look like Swiss cheese (right picture)? We have good news. Scientific researches have shown that condition of collagen in our body may be regulated and thus our biological clock may be to some extent set up on the earlier hour. The fact is, that our longevity (excluding accidents, wars, etc.) depends vastly on 2 factors: genetic matrix of our collagen and ours... choices, that is, a lifestyle that we decide to lead. It may be whether healthy or unhealthy. There is no place here for excuses and blaming genetics. Researches show it clear that our DNA determines only in 15% of our health, while 85% of our choices! This is our decision and our compliance to it keeps our collagen, connective tissue and therefore our health on an optimal level. It is achievable, all we need is proper knowledge, how to do it. We will do our best to present some of the aspects of procollagen lifestyle on the website. All rest is Your decision, dear Reader.

Did You realise that our real biological age is dependent not on the amount of grey hair on ahead or even the number following a figure "d.o.b" on our ID but... the condition of the protein that binds all cells of our body in one, functioning organism? This is collagen the most precise reflection of our biological age and potential.

Carl Brandon wrote those expressive words: "Give me any clipping of your connective tissue, wherewith the aid of a microscope and measuring the amount of hydroxyproline and so. dynamic viscosity and I will determine the density, content and cross-linking of your collagen, and with great probability, I will designate your actual biological age and your prognosis for longevity". Following that criterion in the population, we can find pensioner, that is healthy and feels just great, as well as - unfortunately much more often - thirties with immunology and medical test results of pensioners... In the body of young and healthy man yearly collagen exchange may reach up to 6 kg, while the average for the population, including children and elder people, it is little above 3 kg.

Collagen is not the only protein of youth. It also plays roles like supporting, protecting, mediate in cells nutrition or body regenerating. As we may see it is a crucial part of our organism, that production, fortunately, maybe stimulated. Though for some of us for numerous of reasons it may be a little bit difficult to follow the optimal procollagen lifestyle and especially diet, Colway offers a valuable help - amazing bioactive collagen products: cosmetics and diet supplements that will make the task much, much easier. Get to know Colvita - unique and the only one of its kind collagen supplement - liphylizated Natural Collagen. We really cannot overpraise the benefits of its use, benefits that are not over surpassed by ANY other collagen supplement. Both with Vitamin C-olway makes real wonder for our body and skin. Colvita is a perfect ally in your choice to lead a healthy and happy life.


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