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Bodycollagen Discount Card

To appreciate our permanent client we have prepared special offer - Bodycollagen Discount Card, that allows to gain attactive discount according to the purchases. You purchases historically accumulates and the more You buy, the higher discount You gain: from 10% up to 20%!

On the Colway official website: there is one stable discount for registered clients: 10%. We offer You possibility to increase the discount up to 20% and additionally have acces to alternative lines of Colway "classic" phenomenal and luxury products. The Bodycollagen Discount Card is valid on our online shop Once gained, the discount is inalienable, link to the online store account and automatically counted.

Additional benefits from ordering the Bodycollagen Discount Card

  • instant 10% discount, after joing our discount programme,
  • automatically counted discount from 10%-20% - you don't have to worry about it, our website will do it for you and with the time your discount will become very attactive. You gain 1% discount after every £100 of purchase,
  • You have total freedom - You buy when and how much You want, without declaring ANY minimum purchases (like monthly or yearly).
  • You don't have to wait for special offers - You have access to special prices all the time.

What is Bodycollagen Discount Card?

Bodycollagen Discount Card is a confirmation of joining to Bodycollagen Discount Programme for our permanent customers. It is a free choice of every customer. After applying for the Card the clients' account will be included into the Bodycollagen Discount Programme and since than discount will be granted automatically according to purchases.

How does it work?

System of discount granting is very simple. Since joinning the Bodycollagen Discount Programme every single purchase is added to historiacal purchases. Your discount increases 1% after each £100 treshold.  If you have 11% and make a purchase for £100, your new discount is going to be 12% after logging off and logging in again. The discount increases up to 20% that is maximum available in the Bodycollagen Discount Programme discount.

Notice! Your historical purchases after joining the Discount Programme are counted on a basis of retail prices (gross prices) not "discounted" ones. For example: You have 20% discount. Your products are worth £100 in retail prices, but Your price to pay is £80. After finalising an order, that what will be added to You historical purchaces is a £100. Delievery fees are not counted.

There is also possibility to gain even bigger discounts for our business partners. For more information read Business page.

How to apply for the Bodycollagen Discount Card?

1. Register in our online shop (if You haven't done it yet).

Registration to collagen cosmetics store

2. If You have got an account or have already registered, fill in an "Application form for Bodycollagen Discount Card" (on the bottom of the page) and press submit button.

3. Since than Your application is being processed manually and all information are being checked (please be patient, it may take some time). If there is correct, we will send You a confirmation email with a Bodycollagen Discount Card with Your name on it in .jpg format (that You are free to print, but there is no need to, becouse your account is attached to the Discount Programme; just remember a login and password to Your account).

4. After receiving a confirmation email - log in to you account.

Login to collagen cosmetics store

From now on You will see Your discount under the retail price, like on a picture below:

Discount in collagen cosmetics store

Notice! After every purchase please log off from You account, due to safety and proper functioning of the Discount Programme reasons.


That is all.

Feel free to join the Bodycollagen Discount Programme and gain attactive discount for great and luxury Colway cosmetics and supplements.


Application form for the Bodycollagen Discount Card


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Your price: £ 12.95 each
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Your price: £ 36.00 each
Hair Thickening Conditioner
Your price: £ 20.99 each
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Native Collagen DNA
Your price: £ 67.95 each
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