Blue Diamond Spectrum

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Product properties:    2 x 9 ml

Cosmetic ampoules for external use.

BLUE DIAMOND SPECTRUM ampoules – a product of the SURGERY LIKE category – next to the cream and scrub, it’s the third cosmetic from the innovative COLWAY product line, bearing the symbol of the precious Blue Diamond. The ampoules perfectly supplement the action of the mentioned products; owing to the wealth of unique ingredients, they are probably the only ampoules in the world which give effects that mimic the results achieved by the best plastic surgeons.

The key to obtaining a spectacular improvement of the appearance and condition of the skin after use of this product is thoughtful, skillful selection of highly bioactive ingredients into two groups and the production of two types of BLUE DIAMOND SPECTRUM ampoules. This was the origin of the product that prepares the skin to receive precious health promoting substances, and supplies these ingredients in its fully biopotential formula.

A two-step strategy consisting first in preparing the skin to receive active substances and then enriching it with these ingredients, is extremely effective in revitalizing and regenerating the tissue. This translates into visible, beneficial improvement in appearance, leaving the skin is rejuvenated and smoothed. The level of changes can be compared to the effects achieved thanks to invasive procedures carried out in professional aesthetic medicine or plastic surgery offices.


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