Slimming serum

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Product description

Smooth body, firm skin, slender silhouette are the desire of most women. It is worth complementing movement and healthy diet with the appropriate care, supporting our efforts to preserve good appearance.

Slimming body serum is a cosmetic which will help you smooth out your body, get rid of cellulite, reduce the swelling in legs and increase the resistance of blood vessels. Applied combination of ingredients breaking up fat called Liporeductyl makes the product working in many directions. The product also contains specially selected plant extracts, thanks to which this perfect composition was created in order to provide you with perfectly pampered skin. The whole recipe is complemented with extremely pleasant scent of cappuccino, which will put you in an extraordinary mood.

Active substances

Caffeine - stimulating fat burning, 
Ruscus aculeatus - sealing and increasing the flexibility of blood vessels, 
Escin - sealing blood vessels, increasing their resistance to expanding, 
L-carnitine - transporting long-chain fatty acids into mitochondria, where they are burned, 
Tripeptide GHK - being strong antioxidant, reacting on fatty cells.

Slimming serum is also a regeneration and protection of the external skin layers. 
Sweet almond oil and Karite Butter provide essential fatty acids, soothe irritations and protect against free radials.

Direction for use

Apply cosmetic 1 or 2 times a day on cleansed skin, massaging until absorbed. 

Advice: To increase the effect of Slimming Serum use Body scrub with collagen regularly. If you want to achieve even more intensive firming effect and improvement of the elasticity of the skin, apply Natural Collagen Silver before.


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